I wrote my first full-length song at 8. I never realized how many songs I was actually writing until I started writing them down in composition notebooks at 16. Before then, I used voice recorders and would just keep songs recorded and never written down. I filled up a composition book about every year and a half, and now I have four containing my music. My songs come from the inspiration of books, movies, friend's experiences, my own experiences, and really anything that sparks my creative.  


It's taken me forever to actually share my music with others. I saw too many peers boasting in their musical gifts, and putting down people who made them feel threatened (basically anyone else who had musical abilities). This frightened me. I didn't want to be interpreted as someone showing off, and so I decided never to share. I didn't want to be perceived as a show off, or somehow become one by sharing my music.  


It's taken me years to shake all that off, and realize that I'm not like them. I don't want to share my music to get complements. I want to share my music because that's what you're suppose to do when you write songs! If I bury my talent, I don't deserve to have it. And so, here I am. Digging up everything I kept hidden for years. 

Thank you for being here for the excavation, and listening to my songs that have just begun to live outside of myself.”